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Well... So much for posting often

I figure since summer has been underway for a while and i haven't done anything on here, I need to get crackin. I figure now is as good as any time. Since Andrew has moved to Eau Claire, i think this will help communicate to him how i'm doing. I miss him an aweful lot. The house sure as hell isn't the same without him.

Recap of summer thus far: I'm working at Menards electrical and sitting on my butt the rest of the time. I'm almost always with Chaz these days. It's quite refreshing. Last summer was quite boring. He keeps things random and new. I'm happy to have him around all the time. From Chaz I've started hanging out with Tyler Shaub more. Reminds me of the old days. (Tyler and I went to karate together). So, it's cool to get to know him again. Chaz and I hang out w/ him on the weekends often. The three of us are active guitarists and we jam plenty :)

We actually left tylers about an hour ago, and Chaz is passed out in my room. He's in between residences (his fam is lookin for a new place) so he stays over here often


And that's about all I can think of. I still haven't replaced my bumper cover on my car, but that will come soon, as well as a new ball joint. All of my funds this summer are unfortunately probably going to be put into keeping my car in shape. It bums me out, I wanted to buy another guitar. Oh well, I'll just have to wait a bit.



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