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Well, I decided it would be smart to start posting in here because Andrew is moving away this weekend. :( He's been interested in moving to Eau Claire for a while now, but just recently received word from UPS, his current employer, that he can transfer his job up there... But he has to do it immediately. He starts work at 3am on Monday morning. Drag.
On a happier note though, that means i'll be able to take over his bedroom in the basement. That will be nice. But on the same token, i'm probably going to have to take over all his damn responsibilities though. *sigh* I'm gonna miss the guy. He makes life around the house a hell of a lot easier to deal with.

For those of you who i haven't told, i got a stereo for my birthday, which was the 14th. As of now, it's still not installed. I've been talking to the guys at American TV who are installing it for free. The kit for my car is on back-order, so i get to wait for them to call me back. Hopefully soon.
Stayed home ill today. Wasn't feeling the greatest. This is allergy season. At least the weather is nicer outside.

This last weekend was prom. It was fun. I went with Julie from choir. I didn't have a date earlier in the week, and her boyfriend didn't want to go. *shrug* His loss. We went with Tim, Chaz, Kelly, Bethany, Steve, Brenna, kelsey, Dan, Stephanie and Jake to the Whitehorse Inn. Tasty food. Harsh price. Everybody got jiggy at the dance. The prom court ceremony was fun (i was on court). I'm extremely happy that John O'hearn & Alex Vardalas were king & queen. The after-party was fun. Did some karaoke w/ chaz. Over to Dan's after that. Everybody got shit-faced, and I went home.

Normally, my posts aren't this damn long, but it was quite an eventful past week.


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